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At 31, I had just earned a promotion and had achieved every goal I set myself. I was expecting to be happy, only happiness never arrived. Instead I felt betrayed and lost. I was burned out, and Banking culture became soul destroying. I couldn't recognise the man in the mirror, and he almost cost me the love of my life. 

This was the beginning of my own introspective journey. A relentless, deep and at times uncomfortable adventure into my psyche. I questioned and examined everything I was and believed. During this journey I came to realise my own purpose in life - to heal, develop and support the growth of others. I took everything I had already learned, left Banking and trained to become a Life Coach; so that I can help others lead rich, authentic and meaningful lives too. 

I hope that my work will have a generative effect towards the betterment of society. That it will help make Earth a better place for future generations. Finally, I hope that this work will support my own spiritual growth. 

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