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I provide a Personal Consultancy to men aged 35+, who work in the corporate world and are unhappy with their lives. I support these men in doing deep work to heal from past trauma, uncover their authentic selves and decide what kind of future they want. 

Through bravery, commitment and action, these men are able to transform every aspect of their lives in a short space of time. From achieving healthy relationships, meaningful careers, and a sense of direction, fulfilment and purpose. I support them in raising and broadening their perception of themselves and their situation. In achieving clarity of thought by stripping out the irrelevant noise; and by challenging their narrative, assumptions and beliefs - and so much more! 

Having embarked on this journey myself, I offer a unique and powerful blend of coaching, mentoring, teaching, philosophical and spiritual discussion. I combine pragmatism and tough love to kick start my client's journey towards self-actualisation - creating a generation of healthy, well rounded men who are in tune with themselves and those around them.

Wheat Field


Resolve your problems once and for all. 

Internally, we are confronted with problematic thoughts, emotions and eventually behaviours that affect us and those around us; and for many reasons we are unable to see the complete and bigger picture. 

Externally, we can't control the challenging life situations that we face each day, but we can exert our power of choice to respond in a healthier manner. 

I can help you sift through the noise to gain awareness, clarity and perspective. Identify the root causes for you to address, and give you tools to manage yourself and make better decisions. 



Have healthy relationships, with the world, a significant other, but most importantly - with yourself. 

Your experience of the world begins with your relationship with your self. In healing from trauma and de-cluttering your life from all that no longer serves, to understanding and accepting who you are beneath the years of social conditioning and fear of not fitting in. 

I can help programme your paradigm - the computer which holds your beliefs, assumptions and values; to give you a healthy and balanced perception of self and the world. 

I can support you in confronting your shadow-self - the place where you lock away things that you don't like about yourself. In doing so, setting the foundations for self love.

Bridge Over River


Have values, a rewarding job as well as purpose in your life. 

You spend more time at work than any other activity. It's your portal into the world enabling you to grow, have social interaction and express yourself. Not being in the right role, one that is not aligned to your personality, values and purpose is a suffocating experience. 

Managing the crippling fear of change or the financial implications of starting again at a lower wage, are just some reasons why this can become a daunting endeavour. But it doesn't have to be this way, having made the leap myself I can guide you through this rewarding first step to living an authentic life.

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